Mateo Guez – Advice for the aspiring

“Travel all over the world. Become a citizen of the world. To discover who you are try to connect to people and see through their eyes.”

visit for more goo from Guez.

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Mission: 3D animation. For rainy days.

Mandate: enjoy yourself. enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself.enjoy yourself. Timone.


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Big list of ideas!

I really want to make movies but first i need to learn how to make life a party so that carries over into my job. HERE WE GO!:

– satirical on ‘Canada” – like in last king of scotland when ‘first place you land you go – Canada?” (spins again) HAHAHA

– with eskimos! where the sun never sets HAHHAA. those folks are so underrepresented. Julie and the Wolves. Maybe?

– two friends lead very modern conformed life until their friend leaves to go on a missionary (yes haha) and leaves them with the last of the MJ. They smoke it out of obligation and one of them is extremely enlightened into believing that she is a reincarnated hippie, drops her entire ‘schooled’ life and goes on a road trip? good god. no banished anything ‘unnatural’ from her life and the consequences of living in  a ways that society doesn permit anymore (ie. table manners. Use a damn fork!)

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Why is Britney Spears’ Womanizer video so CATCHY?

I found myself getting addicted to watching the video – but I didn’t think the song was as good when I wasn’t watching the video with it. I really liked the way the video flowed, the cuts were almost dancing along with the beats. But I tried tapping along with the beat to see if the editor cut in time with the music and I found out why its so catchy:

They make 90% of the fast cuts on off beats.

And you don’t anticipate that, and its exciting! Beat-CUT-Beat. In your face. Maybe that’s why the video’s so much shatteng fun to watch.

I learned something new today.

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I am so conflicted (and historically accurate)

While waiting for someone to do my ethics paper for me – me being an avid prioritizer and hard worker – I looked up my last names:

rewun- still unknown, maybe a pun on rerun hinting at the repetitivness of my life on occasion (no silly)

mazurek – a form of polish dance, popular with chopin. also the name of an ethnic group.

bez ruku – “without hands” aka. theif, they cut off your hands if you steal.

So I am likely desended from a bunch of dancing theives who like chopin. Sounds a lot like me…

In other news:

I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel stuck. I feel stiff. I feel like I’m doing the right thing but i’m on a leash being walked around by my habits and my excuses. I justify my waiting to do what I really want to do full throttle (gang up and film stuff, become a public fool, sculpt creatures, paint people, doodle full time, play ragtime piano on a cruise ship, and dance until im 78)  because i want to “kill the pig” before I make cordon bleu. Get to the core of what I’m doing which is essentially – as put by David Letterman, Steven Speilberg, and Clint Eastwood – “yes and no”. Making desicions, bumping people around, and arguing for your art. Philosophy, psychology, buisness, and…philosophy. Supplement it with travel and some write courses and you have your well rounded but very green-as-mold artist.

I feel it’s logical. But popular wisdom says if you want to do something, do it, and think about it later. Yes, perhaps my work will be deeper, truer, wiser, more intriguing…but what if I die in a month and never get to make it?

“live as if you’ll die tomorrow” is the nastiest philosophy, almost as bad as “live as though you’ll never die”.

I’m just upset that I’m biding my time here and not learning by trial and error. I’m doing pilates instead of swimming. I’m picking cotton but I don’t know how to knit. I’m singing opera with my mouth closed. There are an infinite number of metaphors.

Bottom line: I’m afraid to commit to something big because it might not meet my expectations. Like One Acts. So I bide my time until whoops, why are you throwing dirt on top me? Expiration date hits and I haven’t drinken the milken.

I need out! out! out! out! away! far away! I need a great fantasy book and a hot cup of chocolate. Sweet.

Another reason why I’d like to be part of the escapist industy (entertainment is so full of negative connotations like nicole richie and cheese sticks on crackers (the two don’t mix ps) ). We need it now more than ever. How automated we have become!


Life has direction now. fabulous times two.

I like to admire people. The more you admire the world the more it will admire you. The more you hate the world the more it will hate you. Live in admiration and the people around you will grow to fit the case you’ve given them. Live in admiration, make each day a daring adventure, and place yourself close to the right people. I am officially pretentious! Go both teams!

how about…3 way soccer!? THAT WOULD BE SO FREAKING ENTERTAING. Like chinese checkers but with soccer.

I genuinely like what I’m doing –  it gets my heart beating faster and I embrace people so much better and I’m getting out more. But there is more. I want a big life but a humble and easy going one.

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Meeting Robin Williams

What do you do, what do you say, what do you even think upon  run into one of your biggest idols, inspirations, heroes, role models in an art gallery?


Firstly, I’m not heavily religious. Yet, I am convinced this encounter was a god send: I was on a spur of the moment vacation in Vancouver, taking my time going down Granville st. to the Art Gallery, stopping for tea, checking out the gift store. Right as I was having my hand stamped one of the gallery supervisors bounces up to the doorman and whispers something that made my brain mush up and drop to my feet:

“Robin Williams is on the third floor!”

My mind refused to comprehend. This was too crazy. I double checked.

“Whats that about Robin Williams?”

“Oh he’s just walked in five minutes ago, he’s all undercover but I recognized him.”

I book it up the stairs, my jaw dragging on the floor behind me. All I could think was five minutes. FIVE MINUTES! If I hadn’t been so inclined to stop for coffee and stroll around, I would have completely missed out, and kicked myself hard for weeks.

Anyhow, I pound up the stairs, and lo, behold, there is this guy who I have admired and been inspired by since before I even knew what a celebrity was. (Age 4, Aladdin. I have of course failed on many levels, but it’s good to have a direction.)

My brain continued to have the consistency of applesauce. I could not think. I sauntered behind him for 5 minutes running through every cliche that people say to celebrities before giving it up and deciding to leave the guy alone.

Robin Williams is shooting “Worlds Greatest Dad” in Seattle this summer, which is a short drive from Vancity. Film crews generally have Sundays off – even with the cut throat schedules. I’m guessing he was up here on a break. Night at the Museum II is filming in Vancouver as well, maybe he was visiting friends? Ricky Gervais dropped in earlier that day as well.

If it was anyone else, I would have pounced them for a picture later or something – but I have far too much respect and admiration for Mr. Williams to be even remotely inappropriate. I just wished I had something that would have made that extremely chance encounter (that was so chance that I actually stopped believing in chance) more real for me. Memories are fragile things.

The lesson for “regretful’ me (and wo to him, thou ungrateful)?

Be quick on your feet. Jump in and learn as you do it. I know that I felt this was one of the most important times for me to be honest and I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t have been ready. If i was ready the surprise wouldn’t have been there. I felt that this was going to happen much later in my life. Also, I beleive it’s kind of unnatural to plan what you’re going to say. We should live in the moment, not for the moment, you know?

The lesson for ‘grateful’ me?

Take your time with life. Don’t try too hard to play your own cards. Take it easy. The thing or force or being that knows best for you is already playing them with you, and to push against that is, perhaps, insulting.

What did I really learn about myself (that I’ve known all along)?

I will not say something to someone I respect if I do not mean it. I could not think of anything truly honest, heartfelt, and conversational in the many many minutes I was literally given to do so – thus I did not say anything at all.

Self esteem influences my will to take advantage of a situation or not. Looking back, it felt easier to imagine myself doing something about this but in that moment I guess I didn’t like myself enough to grab hold of the opportunity. If I am in a position to like myself, I will push myself into situations that I’ve never been in before. If I decide that I’m not worthy, that will disappears. That, my friends, is the bottom line under the bottom line. Perhaps thats why serial killers are said to have rock-solid self esteem. They are kings at the art of justification.

The main point?

1. Chance doesn’t exist in my world. You become what you think about, and what you think about comes to you. The odds are decided by you. I had been so focused on this guy, not on meeting him, but just being connected. I guess something felt that emotional energy that I was putting into that connection and decided to make it a physical reality as well – and that’s not the first time it’s has happened. I simply cannot believe that I merely ‘stumbled’ upon Robin.  I have never noticed a celebrity  out of the blue whom I don’t have some significant connection to beforehand. The only people on my record of Famous People I’ve Seen list are Aerosmith and Robin Williams. My two favorites, who I listen to almost obsessively.

2. The best moments in life come to you when you’ve stopping looking for them. Like when you’ve lost your wallet and don’t find it until you give up and sit down to watch TV to find it lodged in your ass.

Despite all this rationalizing, I did kick myself continuously for next two days for not taking full advantage of this seriously obese opportunity. Also, I had two fustrating dreams where I did manage to strike up a conversation.

I feel that next time opportunity sits on my lap, I will not even need to think before I decide to spank it.

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I came home singing – Art vs. Experience

I’ve been debating a career of investing my thoughts into (primarily) the film industry.

Based on my premature knowledge of the biz I’ve decided that I will endure any form of creative abuse if it means that I will dance up the steps at the end of a 14 hour day feeling like I’m on the moon.

Filming is like painting for me. The end product merely serves as a memoir of the experience I had creating it, and to remind me that it is worthwhile to pursue making another. In most cases I wouldn’t be even remotely upset if one of my works was destroyed – as I feel that I could always do better than that anyhow.

I could say more, but my grammar needs the ER!

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