10 Ways to Keep your Shit Together when everything goes to shit

1. Take a Breath

Sometimes if your stressed, it’s because you are not breathing. Make sure that possibility is ruled out before you commit bloody murder.

2. Remind yourself that you are lucky to exist

Check out birth statistics. The probablility that you have even been allowed to exist as you are is in the millions.

3. Remember Apocolypse Now

See “get some perspective”

4. Stuff your face with food

Food is a wonderful distraction. Sometimes a good piece of cake is enough to calm you down, remind you that there is some good left in this world.

5. Lock yourself in the washroom and talk it out with your best friend – the one in the mirror

God help you if that person is not your best friend, you are stuck with them for life hon. Also, this person cannot blackmail you should you pop an insult in the heat of the moment.

6. Get some perspective

Pick up the Edmonton Journal and read about the random who had his head hacked off on a greyhound bus in cow town, canada. Flip on CNN to the story of a 15 year old girl in Chad who was abducted and raped repeatedly for a week by a dozen men. Suddenly the lack of electric tape doesnt seem too bad.

7. Remember – even if you messed up beyond a shits hope, the significance of what you learn from your failure will be proportioned according to the size your failure.

The universe is always balanced. If you fail greatly, you must mature greatly to fill out the space left by your ‘failure’. I know this is old advice for some. I find it easy to forget.

8. Use your unhappiness to help you appreciate the good times

Brad Pitt mentioned in an interview on Charlie Rose that he doesn’t believe in being happy all the time. Your appreciation for happiness ceases when taken for granted.


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